Delays plague provider sign-up to My Aged Care

Delays plague provider sign-up to My Aged Care

By Darragh O'Keeffe on October 21, 2015 in Government, Industry

Just 39 per cent of aged care providers are ready to receive referrals through the My Aged Care gateway, more than three months after it launched, latest figures show.

During a panel session on My Aged Care at the Leading Age Services Australia National Congress last week, Fiona Buffinton of the Department of Social Services revealed that while 74 per cent of all providers had set-up their access to the system, only 39 per cent had completed the process to receive referrals. This had increased from 16 per cent of providers ready for referrals at 26 June.

Among larger providers the situation was slightly better, with 64 per cent ready to receive referrals through My Aged Care.

Ms Buffinton said that DSS had conducted a range of engagement initiatives such as a road show, webinars and videos, but the department was keen for feedback from providers around how successful this had been.

She said the numbers clearly showed that in June there was a problem, as the system was to go live from 1 July, but it had low numbers of system set-up among providers, and small numbers ready to receive referrals.

Following a renewed information campaign, there had been improved engagement by providers, “but clearly we’re not where we need to be yet,” Ms Buffinton said.

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