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Aged Care Planning delivers outstanding training workshops for staff of aged care facilities in specialist areas.

 Aged Care Planning provides outstanding training for staff in aged care facilities or lifestyle accommodation across important specialist areas not always covered thoroughly in minimum training requirements for aged care workers.

Specifically Aged Care Planning conduct excellent staff training workshops in Understanding Palliative Care. These workshops can be adapted in depth according to the needs of your aged care facility staff and range from a 2 hour to a full day workshop

Important areas of training for Aged Care staff members include Communication and Listening skills as well as Effectively Responding to Loss and Grief. These training sessions are critical in enabling your staff to build effective relationships with residents and families in your facility. The development of these skills by staff can help establish your facility as a leader in this area and further enhance your reputation.

These training workshops are facilitated by experienced experts in this field that have appropriate training to deliver these workshops based on aged care staff and volunteer development.

Aged Care Planning holds Palliative Care Training Workshop with St Louis Aged Care

Workers at St Louis Aged Care Facility recently took part in a 6 ½ hour Introduction to Palliative Care for Care Workers workshop. The workshop covered the definition, philosophy and objectives of palliative care; communicating with compassion; dealing with diversity; spirituality; advance care planning; the dying process; loss and grief; and self-care.

The participants, mostly care workers, with a few ENs and some new RNs enjoyed the interactive nature of the workshop, which includes DVDs, personal reflection and group activities and discussion.

Some comments from the evaluations were:

·        The trainer Helene was very approachable and knowledgeable.

·        The discussion and activities were very beneficial.

·        Thorough, thoughtful insight into Palliative Care

·        Facilitator was very informative; she put in experiences she’s had from her work which made everything all the more appropriate to real-life situations.

·        It was an amazing learning experience

If you are interested in a training workshop for your stuff don't hesitate to enquire through this website or call us on the phone details on this website

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